Maps Production House
Online Presence
In order to position Maps as a full-service production house, our creative team redesigned the website to highlight their full breadth of services. The website included downloadable resources, rental prices, and descriptions of their array of studio spaces. Copy was crafted with a fun, conversational tone while also communicating their expertise, professionalism, and proud work ethic.

MAPS Brand Identity

MAPS Production House is a charismatic host. You will always find a smile on our team members’ faces. Everybody’s goal is to make the client feel at home while doing an amazing job! MAPS connects its clients and vendors with great talent in the production industry, playing host to amazing work with great people.


MAPS Production House has the ability to make those in our House feel welcome and at ease. Whether it is a new photographer on the scene, a major production company, or an established retail brand, MAPS provides full-service concierge treatment and tends to the needs of our guests.


MAPS Production House has over 20 years of production experience and knows how to handle production projects of any scale. Whether it be an equipment rental, staging an elaborate photo-shoot, or a full-service production project, MAPS takes everything into consideration in order to get the task done.