Brand Identity Development
In order to convey their sustainable, socially conscious brand story, my creative team evolved the brand identity, developing a new visual identity and tagline. We designed an UI/UX friendly website filled with rich editorial content and photography focused on their community efforts in North and South America.


To communicate the company’s mission to empower local communities.


Mission & vision statements, website and content redesign, and new brand guidelines.


Successful Campaign and Webby Honoree

The “Together, We Grow” tagline demonstrates the positive impact that shoppers and retailers together have on communities with every purchase of Turbana products, bringing opportunities for better housing, education, and infrastructure in the farming regions where its produce is grown. Additionally, the new communication aimed to communicate to retailers that when partnering with Turbana, they can solve any challenge and harvest solutions that grow their business.

Webby Honoree: Website:
Corporate Social Responsibility

Highest Scoring Criteria: Content